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  I've been fortunate to be working with Hartland Payment Systems and have been impressed with their state of the art payment solutions.

Their process is easy saves time and allows for easy access for both brick and mortar businesses as well as payments for on-line shopping.

Heartland's Card Processing , Payroll Services and Check Management products are efficient, cost-effective and designed to give you the power to streamline your operations.

What caught my attention at first was that there is no difference for processing a credit card that you have in hand, or one that you don't have on hand - everything is handled by a state of the art web based credit card processing system.

Both brick and mortar and e-commerce stores benefit from:

bullet Fair pricing and full disclosure of fees and agreement terms
bullet Clear statements that eliminate confusing or misleading fees
bullet Fast access to funds through real-time processing and quick authorizations
bullet Fully integrated terminals and software that work with your systems
bullet Round-the-clock service through a dedicated field service team and toll-free live support 24/7/365

Now this is a major point for me - On-Line Payments

Using the internet to process payments — and enabling customers to order your goods and services online — is a great way to bring efficiencies and growth to your business.

Heartland Connect is a virtual terminal that quickly processes credit and debit card transactions — as well as recurring billing — over the internet using any PC or laptop. It’s simple to install and easy to use.

What I love is you don’t pay gateway fees and you save money on every transaction. Authorizations are done quickly, so you get fast access to your funds.

Heartland’s Check Management System efficiently handles check deposits through recovery and collection. You’ll be able to:

bullet Scan and deposit checks at your convenience from anywhere
bullet Improve your cash flow by having funds credited to your account as soon as the next weekday morning
bullet Track the entire check-clearing process — from remote deposit capture through returns processing and the collection of bounced checks — through a single web portal
bullet Send deposits to one or multiple accounts at one or multiple banks
bullet Keep your current checking accounts
bullet Retrieve check images anytime

They also have Payroll Services, Lending Services and More.


Visit thier website - Hartland Payment Systems   Or

Call Drew McCaughey  734 - 645 - 2395  You will find him knowledgable, helpful, responsive and he has a great sense of humor.  Somnetimes I just call him for a laugh!!

Or you can E-Mail Drew.

PS - Tell Him Mickey said Hi!


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