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Search Engine Optimization Updates


The world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) changes often and as a way to keep my readers and clients "up to date", I have listed below snippets of information about changes in the SEO world.

July, 2008 - The Official Google Webmaster Blog announced that Adobe and Google worked together and now Google can read "Flash". They also indicated that Google can "crawl" and read ".SWF" just like text. I could hear webmasters from all corners of the world screaming "whoo hoo !".

Yours truly, being the cynic I am raised an eyebrow and decided to read more than a headline. As long as I have been involved with SEO, the ability for search engines to read text embedded flash files has been right around the corner and it has yet to work.

This time however it seems that Google can "see" a limited amount of Flash Files. Words and hyperlinks that appear in Flash Files can be used to match query terms in Google searches.

Now I am still not getting all of that excited and here is why - "Flash Images" are still invisible to search engines as are any Flash launched via JavaScript.

Mickey's take on this: Until Google can prove that its Flash crawling capabilities are equal to its HTML crawling, building a site in Flash is still risky, and although it may now have the ability to be indexed, it still won't be as optimized as a standard HTML site.

Mountain Path Media will continue its policy to use flash sparingly until search engine crawling of "Flash" is really ready for prime time.


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