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A critical component of your website's trail to success is to make it friendly for Search Engines.


Some call this Search Engine Optimization, but we call it Search Engine Marketing because that is what this technique is all about.


Search Marketing is an integral part of your website's design and development.  You can have the most eye catching and beautiful website in the world, but if the search engines can't read it, the site really doesn't do you much good.


Many commonly used Web techniques will stop a search engine in its tracks and that site will go unread and not show in the search queries of your prospects.


"According to a recent study, more than 60% of websites lack the proper programming to be ranked properly by internet search engines"


The International Webmasters Association issued Mickey Wesler, owner of Mountain Path Media, a certificate acknowledging her abilities in Search Engine Marketing.  Mickey believes this technique is part art and part science.


Whether Mountain Path Media develops your site from scratch or if we are revitalizing your current site.  You can be assured that we will build in the best practices of Search Engine Optimization or Marketing as part of the process.  We wouldn't have it any other way.



For more information on the steps we take or more detail about this process e-mail us.


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