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Commonly asked questions about web design, website management and internet marketing.

Why do I need a professional web developer to create and maintain my website?

If your internet presence is important to you as a marketing, informational or sales tool, you will need to have your website optimized for your intended audience.  Profession web develops go beyond the "pretty face" to assure that your site functions properly and provides behind the scene enhancements and development that are usually unknown by non professionals or seen by the user.  This includes but is not limited to code optimization, scripts, meta tag development, graphic optimization, search engine readiness.


Can you guarantee top rankings on the Search Engines?

It is impossible to "guarantee" top  ranking in search engines.  With over 25 billion websites on the internet and thousands more are being added everyday. Mountain Path Media will optimize your website to be search engine friendly and ready for the keywords you target audience will use to find your site.


Do you offer Flash Sites?

Although we can offer flash sites, we discourage our clients from using these overused techniques.  I encourage clean, simple and easy to use sites.  We will however, use flash within a site for enhancement.  Although Flash can be beneficial when used sparingly, a "Flash Site" is difficult for search engine spiders to read and may be annoying to some and irritating to those with a dial up connection.  Currently only Google cannot index flash files, how much or how little content they "see" is open to debate.  So until search engine technology is able to handle flash files as standard, I strongly believe websites should refrain from taking a chance on this "iffy" situation.  (See SEO Updates for the latest information on being Flash Friendly)


Can I hire you for my internet marketing if I have someone else maintaining my website?


We have no problem with marketing websites that we do not design or maintain.


How does it work if I want to use your Web design services but I live on the other side of the country?

We have built sites for customers thousands of miles away, and also in our backyard, that we have never met. We are professionals who are used to working “virtually” and we can build you a high quality site without ever meeting you face-to-face. E-mail, PDF, Instant Messaging are all examples of Internet technology that allows for information to be exchanged quickly and easily over long distances.

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