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Mountain Path Media and the Pay Per Click Trail


Every search marketer takes pay per click opportunities into consideration for their clients.  For some, it may be intimidating to "bid" in an auction market for keywords.  But for Mountain Path Media's principal, Mickey Wesler, it comes naturally.  Mickey spent 15 years working for the Philadelphia Stock Exchange with a good portion of that time in the "derivative product" market.  Therefore, bidding in an auction market is "old hat". 


Mickey's philosophy is that pay per click or "Paid Search" is a market place, just like other market places.  It is made up of buyers and sellers and price variability based on supply and demand.


There is only one #1 position for a particular keyword.  The more bidders that want it, the higher the pay per click fees will go.  "My job, as I see it is to look for inefficiencies in the market place and take advantage of this hole for my client's advantage" says Mickey.  Also, she does not necessarily believe that being #1 is the best position for all keywords.


Think about how the stock market works.  Why are stocks bought and sold?  It is because two people have different ideas about what it is worth.  One of the reasons the differing opinions exist is that some of the information people use to make stock market trading decisions is unfounded.


To Mickey, search marketing is no different.  Like the stock market good information is an edge, hot tips are not.  Paid search information needs to be gathered and analyzed, just like in the stock market.  Also, each keyword is not worth the same amount to every company.


Mickey's experience in the stock market and the pay per click market make her paid search methods efficient and effective.


If you want to know more about how Mickey can help your company participate in this dynamic and growing marketing method, send her an e-mail and she will be in touch to discuss this and other related topics.


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