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Social Internet Marketing

What is "Social Internet Marketing"?

Actually, Social Internet Marketing is an "Umbrella" term is hard to describe simply.

Here is Mickey's simple definition:


  Building your business through various types of media such as, videos and blogs to increase your company's exposure and increase visits to your website.

  Depending on your product or service and your target market, social marketing could give you an upper hand over your competitors. Social Marketing draws on a wide array of technology, from traditional to the most cutting edge methods out there.    

  What Social Marketing approach is right for me? 

     1)  First you need to see if and where your target market is represented.   For instance, if you are a musician, targeting a younger crowd your best bet may be "Facebook".  If however, you are a retailer selling a weather related product to Baby Boomers you may choose to have a blog on a news and weather website.  Additionally, should you be targeting other professionals in a particular industry LinkedIn might better serve your needs.

     2)  Don't join a social network simply because they have a certain number of members.  The number of memberships out there is a useless number in and of itself, what you want to know is how many "active" members there are that meet your target demographic.

     3)  Make yourself aware of a specific network's policies on promotional use and compare it to your plans. 

     4)  Keep in mind that these sites are about networking, building relationships and reputations and communicating.  It is a more subtle way of promotion but if done correctly can prove very effective.

Mountain Path Media has been using social marketing for promotion and understands it nuances. E-Mail Mickey and see if this form of Internet Marketing can benefit your organization. 

Perhaps we can take this path together.


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